Sunday, 31 July 2011

My office address

No. 20-1, & 22-1, Block E,
Vista Magna, Jln Prima 1,
Metro Prima, 52100 Kepong, KL
 MANI :0126723934

My Registration centre ready to start work. tomorrow will confirm once immigration officer log in the system. to all my clients pls make appointment prior to register your worker. as stated earlier forms can be download from my previous post in blog or can fill in my centre on the day.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Please check this website for last update about Legalisation

Deadline for biometric registration extended

Registered agent until now unable to operate their system even though the company which provide the system (NERS)have 24 hours it support team. all the agents are in the dark and no formal instruction from kdn about the operation.

No proper planing, lack of information, poor management and amusing announcement daily makes this process more profitable for fraudulent agents.

i advised all agent n employer to listen and update with daily news brought by main media..No other choice.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Deadline for biometric registration extended

Latest news saying registration for illegal worker going to start on 15 September .
its not confirmed yet and just wait for further announcement.

Home ministry really make joke of employer and in an interview wt journalists hissmamudin said he is practical in handling this issue.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Priority offer to register early birds not a welcome criteria

As usual ministry come out with amusing statement which make employer anger and confusing. what about employer who do not hire illegal foreign worker and follow government rule all the way?..are they  given priority?

We would know how much anger keep in by employer if we  conduct simple survey among employer who had go through this registration. Not only they loose their patient but they loose their valuable time because of unsystematic and rushed registration.Do minister knows what happening in the ground? Most of Imm offices in Klang Velly cant cope with crowd..

As far as i know none of employer support KDN move and this is definitely will be reflected in next election. We wait and c

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

80,409 foreign workers registered as of Monday

Damansara officers time table already full until 31/july. 
Officers in putrajaya working round clock to cope with high number turnout
Shah alam also facing shortage of equipment and manpower to cope turnout crowd

Location map to My Registration Centre

Due to many people request i post again location map to my registration centre.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Is It Workabale Theory?

Kementerian Sumber Manusia alrdy have the system to determine the required workers need to various sector. Its really a big boo to KSM when KDN want take over their role.

Again and again i kindly request kdn to have discussion with employer association to understand need of labour market rather than issuing new statement daily which not practical.

So from above statement(kenyataaan akbar KSU) we knows that illegal who have no employer not to worry causee government will try mix match for them. ask them to register in PATI programme

Vendor Delivering Finger Print Gadget and Computers

Since last week vendor appointed by NERS sdn. Bhd busy delivering finger print machine and laptops to registered agent. I collected mine too.

Now agents wondering wherever Imm can engage a officer to all registration centres as they planned earlier..because now most of the imm enforcement unit busy registering legal worker which i think KDN definetly have to extend registration period...

As i mention my earlier in the blog, by end of 31st July , imm can only register maximum 500k workers and not more than that .

for information, imm officers already fed up with huge number turn out and with their working hours and seems they will be big problem if registration time period extend more than 31 July coz fasting will start soon.

Friday, 15 July 2011

7,000 workers registered in first three days

simple mathematics... let say 20,000 worker register each another 15 days can register about 300,000 workers only..Malaysia have 1.8 million registered workers and each day estimated 1000 new workers arriving. so registering all legal worker before 31/July is not logic and doesn't make sense at all.

But what to do our KDN officers do not have that level of capacity and understanding about our labour market and our so called PTD high ranking officers doing work in theoretical myth.

So to all my valued costumer, just wait few more days to confirm that all registered agent like us would be given mandate to register legal workers too. charges will be below rm35 and we are waiting for further announcement.

Tribunal rules agency must return fee to employer after maid runs aways

I really supp rise how could a 20 years experiance agent do not return the agency fees to employer until the case go to tribunal. it really ridiculous and i think there must b othr reason behind this case. reporter usually will side by employer and we need more details to make any conclusion

My advice for future employer, pls read d contract given by ur agency before sign cause most of time agency clearly mention about run away maid and returned maids in their agreement.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

My Companys Certificate from KDN to do Registration

Many still confused over programme as registration exercise gets under way

Yup, everbody in confuse even officers in front desk of registration. KDN didnt take proper move to give information to public and definitely this exercise is will failure. why is KDN so adamant to listen ground officers opinion and take account about employers views?

as usual we wont get answer for our questions..
so i advice employers find own time bring in legal workers to nearest immigration to get register. if your total worker more den 100 people , u can request immigration officers to come to your place to do registration.

Officers told me dat counters in putrajaya, damansara immigration open until night and Saturday and Sundays.

Employer must bring form 49, SSM and must bring in workers with their passport for registration.
For PATI wait until 1/8/2011 . all appointed agent not yet receive d required equipment from vendor. most probably before 1/8/11 and i will notify to my client once received.

For more information pls read page 4 in star news paper on14/07/11

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Who can be legalise?

"Mahmood adam said with the biometric registration, the Immigration Department would be able to identify legal foreign workers who had run away from their employers, including those who had removed their identification documents and were using different identities.

Those identified as such would not be allowed to participate in the whitening process and would be advised to return to their original employers or be deported." star 12 july

so again its clear changing employer through this amnesty programme is not possible but lot of people wondering then who will b legalised actually...

to answer this question we have to wait for further announcement.....

for information estimated 65% PATI including Bangladeshis are legally entered country with valid working pas but now no more working with own employer.

amnesthy start 1 august

Government have no choice and need to implement asap because raya is nearby ready. Each year thousand of indonesian leaving malaysia illegally during hari raya and ths indirectly costing  malaysia.

lot of effort throughout the year left in vain to curb this activity which sometime end up with fatality.

But as usual immigration staf and top level officers too get know their department new rules through out media. i heard preparation to register legal worker alrdy carried out in putrajaya imm and pusat damansara and expected will start on13/7/11

Public advised update by follow daily news in newspaper .

Monday, 11 July 2011

Exercise to register illegal foreign workers postponed

NERS sdn.bhd the company which responsible to deliver and monitor system requirement for legalisation process ready to deliver the equipment to agents.

company renting out complete system for rm 8250 per month which agents already sign in contract.

all agents in limbo and waiting further news from KDN

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Amnesty drive will make illegals legal

John Mark give real point of view from goverment which i think theoretically practical and can implement according with d plan if government take account point of view from employers.
Chinease daily already anticipated six months ago dat dis kind of chorus will occur in labour market if it implemented without proper measures and it does.
 KDN should not b wrong in next move if they want gain peoples confidence which is vital for overall success of this process.

Bypassing local agents results in lower costs

for public information, most of registered agent in malaysia didn't bother at all if employer hire direct maid from Indonesia cause v know end of day employer d one will be victim.

Hire Indonesian maids directly

as agent i welcome department move to introduce this system..i am encouraging employers to do direct hiring. Hope employer wise enought deal with Indonesians agent which i feel i failed..

Friday, 8 July 2011

348 agents to process alien workers

in first briefing with approved agent KSU stated only 260 agent approved but now 348?

so many question raised by my clients 2day. i will try 2 find out answer for this questions and i welcome any suggestion from readers .

some questions that i cant answer :-

1)do employers willing to pay minimum rm35 ringgit to register legal worker? who going to bear this cost?
2) how long will take register the 2mil legal worker?

latest news will b updated soon...

Amnesty timeline pushed back

Read more: Amnesty timeline pushed back

please take note dis statement

"Home Ministry deputy secretary-general Datuk Alwi Ibrahim in a statement said legal foreign workers who ran away from their employers with the intention of being given amnesty through other employers would not be entertained". 

so its clear dat PATI who do not have passport or holding expired or valid permit cannot change employer or register under new employer.

i receive endless cal and by now most of employer already confuse with daily new rules dat appears only in media. No proper plan and lack of information make employer and PATI manipulated by third party. end result will be known in next election because of inefficiency of government department handling most important issue dat effect daily life of rakyat.

To agent who already spend thousand of ringgit to set up legalisation center and paid to buy needed equipment be patient until new announcement come out. Hope will get clear information and picture in cumming days..


Thursday, 7 July 2011

Amnesty programme only after all legal foreign workers in biometric system

funny things here is goverment want get thumb print all legal worker for

"these workers must be in the biometric system so that their movement "especially from one work place to another", could be closely monitored." star 7/7/11

check their movement?...Joke of year ...

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Amnesty for illegals put off by a week

Making sure amnesty a success

i dont know where did Guna get the figure...appointed agent charging fees from rm2000 to rm4000? radiculous because no foreign worker wiling to pay this amount of money to the things they never see..and i am sure its not dat easy to agent escape after charge dat sum of money..even if they do  charge, the charges may include levy money which due to pay KDN as levy..

we want clarify to star readers dat appointed agent only helping  registering illegal and do not do legalisation as mentioned in the artical

Usefull docement for legalization process

worker registration form (sample)

Employer registration form (sample)

Location map for registration centre

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Bosses can bypass agents to hire domestic workers from Indonesia

I laughed when read this news cz its so funny enaught to people in this industry and to all the employer who hired maid. its almost 20 years malaysian government allowing individual applying maid in their own risk and the process done within few days in all immigration offices compare to agency  whereby there have to wait for a week to get approval.

its really a big joke that our human resource minister himself not aware about this and make joke of week in main page news.

i realy surprise how dey do their duty and which group of people advice him on this matter. i also dare them talk to their own maid, convince them and try bring in a maid from indonesia in their personal capacity as they suggest in news

as agent our only plight is  'pls listen a bit about our side of story'

Latest News about Legalisation

there is rumours saying registration process will be commence on 18th of July and i think its true because the news is received from reliable source

anyhow please be prepared with all document needed. i will update with latest news soon i get information.

Monday, 4 July 2011

My company AP Middle People Mgt & Svs Sdn Bhd one of registered maid agency and now given approval by Home Ministry to register PATI and help company's to legalise their foreign worker. as i mention earlier in othr post, this registration process will last only for 3 weeks starting 11/7/2011.

since government announce about legalise process, i receive so many enquiries daily because i believe lot of people out there quite suspicious abt this process.

in my point of view, there is no hidden agenda for government to come out with this kind of idea because we know our self that we are facing a lot of positive and negative implication on our society in the present of foreign worker.

But, we should  kudos to our KSU because he dare enough to implement this exercise which other previous KSUs failed to address in their tenure even we face more severe problems in 2007 where Bangladesh legal workers strangered in high numbers without employer because of red tape and  bureaucracy .

This accumulated and unsolved problems on immigrant demote Malaysian ranking in human rights whereby become obstacle in the move to developed nation and give negative perception on Malaysia

so KDN move to legalise are welcomed but i am sure employers are feel dey let in lurch by government with lack of information . i will try to update my blog with latest move by KDN on this legalise process so that everybody can benefit.

please do not hesitate to email or sms me if u have any doubt about legalisation and any matter regarding Malaysian immigrations law.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Question and Answer

Ques 1) as employer what I should do?
Ans:Employer should register all their illegal worker and give relevant document to agent or to immigration where they registering their worker.
Ques 2) is it any guarantee that my entire illegal worker would be legalised?
Ans:For my knowledge government do not give any guarantee all d worker will b legalised. One stop centre will decide according the need of sector and the eligibility of employer
Ques 3) what will happen if i didn’t register my worker?
After end of whitening process, full swing of enforcement will carried out because government already given d chance. llegal worker who didn’t register in the time of registration period will be punished according immigration law. Employer also will face firm action.
Ques 4)I have registered foreign worker with me but under other company’s name.  Can i employ him?
There is two ways employ this worker under your company
A)     You can send this worker back home and do new applications under your company follow current procedure. Or
B)      Register this worker in legalize process as illegal and employ them.(if your company request approved by home ministries  after registration)
Ques 5) currently i employing a worker in my car workshop. Can i legalise him?
No. You can’t employ him because is not in the permitted sector.



i)Pendaftaran ( Registration)
If you are foreign worker and have no valid pas to work or stay in Malaysia illegally, you should register yourself and employer details to nearest immigration or to registered agent appointed by minister of home affair.
Registration is free in all immigration offices and a small fees will charged if register with appointed agent.
Here is a list of information that will be taken during the registration process:
i. Name;
ii. Photos;
iii. Finger print (all right and left fingers)
iv. Number of passport / travel document;
v. Citizenship;
vi. Gender;
vii. Date of birth;
viii. Employer information (name, Identity cards number, phone numbers, addresses, e-mail, and employment sector);
ix. Confirmation of the information by the employer and
x. The purpose register - whether to work (whitened), to return to their homeland (spared and no action / punishment) or other purposes
Foreign immigrant or worker who do not have employer also eligible to register to order to return back or find match making with employer who wish to employ.
To people who has no any document, they should provide the basic information about their details as above by written
I understand public will have many question regarding this process
i will answer all your questions with my limited knowledge in this industry..Please refer to relevant department for further clarification.

2. Pemutian (Legalize)
This second phase will commence after 3 weeks of registration process which expected will start on 1st august
In this process home affair ministry will examine and determine if there is a need to maintain the registered foreign worker in particular sector. If found suitable, the worker will b legalised. However the whitening process only be considered for the sector listed in existing policy on employment of foreign worker and to frozen  sub sector which government had given special permission previously.
3. Pengampunan (amnesty)
In this process government will allow all those who not legalised to return their country with their own cost without any immigration action.
4. Pemantauan (supervision)
This process will be implemented before the integrated enforcement operations against PATI conducted on a large scale throughout the country. This initiative will be driven through the inspection to the employer's premises to give advice other than at the same time explaining the implications of legal action if found to protect workers who are not registered PATI status with 6P Program. Among other things, employers and PATI that may be penalized under the provisions of the Anti-Trafficking Persons Act 2007 (Amendment 2010) and the Immigration Act 1959/63 which may lead to a fine of up to RM1 million
5. Penguatkuasan (Enforcement)
Full swing of enforcement will be conducted throughout the country to detect and arrest the PATI and employer who remain violating immigration rules
6. Pengusiran (deportation)
In this process, arrested PATI through the operation in integrated enforcement will be prosecuted before deport to home country. Since the cost of eviction is incurred with provision of the government, all the PATI who deported will be blacklisted and will be deny reenter Malaysia
. for more information pls visit