Friday, 10 February 2012


PLKS stand for pass lawatan khas sementara which issued by immigration department in final part of  legalisation process. It is a stiker stating where the worker which company the worker attached to and in which sector the worker allowed to work..

For pass few weeks employer who already got approval from KDN onestop centre seems submitting  document to get PLKS in Putrajaya Immigration..

For  info, employer also can submit their PLKS application in jln duta , Port Klang, Kedah,kelantan  Pahang and johor immigration too

Before submit make sure get ready all necessary document..mainly make sure the workers undergo medical check up...

for employer who not yet undergo interview, i suggest go visit prescient 15 onestop centre because less crowd there.,.For maid, its easier dealt with precient 2 second floor maid section in immigration department

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  1. PLKS visa holder will visit his country every month?
    Or any restriction on travelling on his own cost